Discovery Fair



On the 5th May, myself, Catherine, Shona and Issy helped out at the Discovery Fair on the ‘Creating Sustainable Futures’ stall. Discovery Modules offer students the opportunity to undertake a module outside of their degree and to broaden their learning by pursuing personal interests, while developing skills that will help prepare for life after University. There are 10 Discovery Themes, ‘Creating Sustainable Futures’ being one.

This was a really fun day where we were able to give advice to students interested in taking environmental/sustainability related modules. I feel that these modules are a key part of University life as they allow students to explore subjects they may not have had the chance to learn about before University. This really opened my eyes to the amount of students that had a sustainability interest even if it was completely unrelated to their course. What is great about the Discovery Modules is that they often don’t require any prior knowledge, making them a good opportunity to take up something outside of your comfort zone.

I have completed 2 years of Physical Geography BSc, and in my 2nd year, I did 2 10 Credit Discovery Module called ‘Lives of Carnivores’ and another called ‘Skills in Sports and Outdoor Activities – Theory and Practice (Climbing)’ . Both of these modules were different to anything I had ever studied before which is why I found them so interesting. I had never had the opportunity to try rock climbing before starting University, and so I thought this would be a great way to try something new and make use of the facilities available. With my ‘Lives of Carnivores’ module, I have always had an interest in wildlife and so was keen to learn more about different species in the wild. I actually found that this helped me with the ecology side of my core Geography modules, showing how useful Discovery Modules can be, even if they may appear to be unrelated to your degree. There is also so much choice, so I highly recommend taking one!