Meet this year’s Student Sustainability Architects!


Hello! I’m Clare, a second year PhD student in the School of Performance and Cultural Industries. My research is exploring the role of the arts in creating a sustainable future. As part of my investigations, I am beginning to focus more on pedagogy and forms of knowledge, so the opportunity to integrate sustainability into the university curriculum through my role as a Sustainability Architect is particularly relevant!

Sustainability is a very broad topic, relevant across disciplines. The Student Sustainability Conference is an excellent example of how breaking down the usual divisions between subject areas can pave the way for exciting and valuable collaborations.

I’m keen to share my enthusiasm for sustainability and hope to inspire other students with the opportunities that it presents.



Hello there,

I’m Vaishnavi Maganti, a final year student studying Management with Marketing. It has only been weeks since my appointment as the Sustainability Architect for the University of Leeds Catering Services, but I’ve managed to dig into projects that have a rippling positive effect on sustainable food chains whilst giving me the satisfaction of being a responsible citizen. I hope to bring down food waste on campus through innovative schemes that could range from coming up with feasible composting methods to creating a demand forecast that will help us to produce the right amount of food in the Refectory.

As a part of my role, I also plan to increase the University’s share of voice to the students by creating sound marketing strategies that reiterate the efforts going in to create a sustainable food chain; be it sourcing from local producers within 40 miles of the campus, serving only Fairtrade items, or distributing sandwiches weekly to the homeless in partnership with the society ‘Homed’.

I am really looking forward to seeing my projects take off and witness the strategic recommendations bring about a significant reduction in food waste on campus.



Hi all, my name is Rob Giles and I will be joining the team of student sustainability architects for 17-18. I am an MSc postgraduate student here at Leeds, returning to study from a placement in industry. I am very excited about working with the sustainability service this year, as my project is on making the campus laboratories more sustainable. We have over 500 labs on campus and as you can imagine, they all demand considerable resources and energy, quite the sustainability challenge!

I am looking forward to helping create some real sustainable change here at Leeds. If you have any questions or suggestions please drop me an email:



Hi, I’m Charlotte, I’m one of the 6 Student Sustainability Architects this year. I work with the Catering Services to find ways they can improve on current sustainability, and to ensure that they are maintaining the standards that the University is proud to have. Did you know there are 14 restaurants and café’s on campus? It’s a pretty big task to implement changes and improve on sustainability in the catering services – that’s why there are two of us appointed this year as Catering Architects. My focus is on procuring sustainable packaging, I’m hoping to come up with solutions to long-term problems. One of the initiatives you may have seen are our reusable UoL KeepCups, a less wasteful (and cheaper!) alternative to your cup of coffee.



I am Arianna and I am part of the new team of Sustainability Architects for 2017/2018. I am passionate about sustainability and innovation, in particular I am interested in everything about renewable energy technologies. After working for some years supporting green and social entrepreneurship programmes, I am currently studying for a MSc in Climate Change and Environmental Policy at the University of Leeds. From textbooks to real life challenges, the possibility to build a sustainable future starts with our campus here in Leeds and I am really excited to be part of this journey!

My goal as a sustainability architect is to be a contact point for students and encourage them to seize the opportunities of a sustainable lifestyle on campus, at home and in their professional future. There are many ways to get involved in sustainability projects and I look forward to engaging with our student community to make a real impact!