Effective collaboration through partnerships, brings benefits for the individual partners as well as the organisations involved.  At the core of the PIP programme is the relationship between partners and their creation of mutually beneficial objectives that will build capacity and encourage positive social change.   Being a Positive Impact Partner brings about many mutual benefits for those involved. These could include:

For third sector partners:

  • Encouragement and support to realise personal potential and develop own skills and knowledge.
  • A safe environment to test out innovative ideas and suggestions with a critical friend.
  • Learning from one another’s expertise to grow the capacity, skills and capabilities of your organisation.
  • Insights from their University partner’s background and history that can be used in their personal and professional development.
  • Help to realise and develop resourcefulness.

Potential benefits for your organisations:

  • Gain access to other sources of information, shared resources and examples of good practice.
  • Re-energised staff, increased staff satisfaction and productivity.
  • Improved staff knowledge, experience and skill base leading to innovative thinking and stronger leadership and management skills.
  • Positive culture change promoting collaborative working practices.

Potential benefits for University staff partners:

  • Insights from their partner’s background and history that can be used in their own personal and professional development.
  • Access to the Region’s vibrant and diverse third sector.  New insights and expertise on the third sector and the communities they work with.
  • Apply your research, professional or workplace knowledge to give fresh insights to third sector partners.
  • Meet some of the knowledge exchange requirements set out in the Research Excellence Framework (REF)
  • Participate in an innovative and self-led development opportunity.
  • Develop stronger leadership and management skills.
  • Contribute to Positive Partner in Society strategic theme.

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