Climate Hubs Presents… ‘Atmosphere’


Last Wednesday Climate Hubs had its first ‘Climate Hubs Presents…’ showing, of the Leeds-based film ‘Atmosphere’. It was produced and crowd-funded by a group of University of Leeds Students, who had managed to speak to a huge variety of high profile people in the worlds of politics, science and civil society, on the topic of climate change. The attendance was fantastic, with well over a 100 people coming to watch the film and listen to the discussion afterwards.

The film was really well received by the audience, and the discussion was really varied and interesting. The panellists; Cat Scott, Frin Bale and Nick Roxburgh answered questions initially submitted via the hashtag #atmosphereleeds on twitter, and then a standard Q&A with the audience. There were topics such as the media’s responsibility and role with climate change and its rhetoric, to really specific energy and engineering questions, to really broad philosophical questions about the social constructions of the economic system, and the ‘so what can we do’ question!! Also interesting were people’s queries about the film-making process, and the team of PhD students at Leeds who initially had the idea and saw it into fruition.

It was great to see so many people; staff, students and the general public alike, being so interested and engaged with climate change and climate politics, especially in the run up to the COP21 in Paris. With so many people so engaged and passionate about the topic, things might be looking up for the ‘so what can we do’ question!