Climate Week


I was in charge of arranging Climate Week 2015 (2nd – 8th), which is a national event seeking to raise awareness and encourage sustainable living. This year, the Sustainability Service worked alongside the School of Geography’s Green Impact Team and LUU, to put on a programme of events. We put on a variety of different events to ensure there was something for everyone!

climate week PDF

We started off the week with a variety of stalls in the Union foyer by Green Action, Green Exchange and our own Sustainability Service stall. Green Party Society also held an interactive workshop about battery farming that taught us the ‘real cost’ of cheap meats. On Tuesday, there were 2 more stalls in the Union: a waste advisor from the council and the Green Party Society. Love Food, Hate Waste put on a foodvan roadshow cooking lesson using waste food. The main event on Wednesday was the food waste seminar. Speakers included: Professor William Young from SRI and representatives from ASDA, Love Food, Hate Waste and The Real Junk Food Project. These talks were extremely informative, teaching us some useful tips about how to make household foods last longer. On Thursday morning, there was be a drop-in session at the Bike Hub where we answered any questions relating to the Sustainability Service and cycling in Leeds. There were also more stalls in the Union, and a talk by Amanda Crossfield, the Lead Advisor for Climate Change Adaptation from Yorkshire Water, who spoke about how climate change is impacting Yorkshire Water and what they are doing about it. Finally, on Friday, Wacky Bikes were back in Chancellor’s Court for the day where you could go down and try an unusual bike. As you can see from the photo below, Steven and I had a great time!