Creative Climate writing competition winner – Matthew Marsden

Matthew is a Year 8 student at John Smeaton Academy in East Leeds, who completed this competition as part of a homework assignment!


This essay will discuss how climate change has affected my life and how it will carry on affecting our lives if we do not try and prevent it or at least make it less damaging. Climate change is the increase/decrease in the heat of the air near the earths surface causing more extreme weather conditions. Not only does climate change affect my life but everyone in the world and it needs to be prevented.

Climate change can be caused by many different things one of them being deforestation, trees absorb greenhouse gases which fuel global warming. Also deforestation can lead to desertification as when the tree is cut down the roots die meaning the land isn’t strong anymore and is blown away by the winds. Not only is this a bad thing because it is creating more deserts but it is also boosting the rate of climate change, as when the soil is blown away and is now free to the air the carbon,which is a greenhouse gas, is released into the atmosphere.

These processes sound like they only take place in deserts but no they affect everyone in the world and if it carries on at the rate it is now then 2 million people are estimated to suffer from disease, poverty and hunger. Also it affects everyday lives. Every Sunday I have football for my team, but due to climate change games are not certain as of the unpredictable weather. For the same reason my family never know when to go to the seaside. Last year me and my family went on a day out to Bridlington, as it was forecasted good weather. Upon arrival we discovered that it was not warm and sunny but the complete opposite and was heavily raining.

Floods can be caused as a result of climate change. Because of the heat rise this leads to more evaporation from the oceans increasing , meaning that more rain is falling. Major floods used to happen every 100 years but now due to climate change major floods happen just every 10-20 years. Meaning more homes destroyed, more lives destroyed and wildlife threatened. Due to the recent floods when my nana & grandad went for a weekend break to their caravan in Cumbria, when they got to the access bridge to get into the caravan park it was completely flooded and they was unable to cross.

In conclusion small things can make a big difference if everyone tries to help, for example if children walk to school instead of getting a lift from their parents climate change would be reduced and we would see a better future for us and the future generations.