Easter Shutdown


This Easter the University will be closed from the 2nd-8th April, and we want to encourage all to turn off any unnecessary equipment during this period. Although there is some equipment that needs to remain on e.g. for safety or research purposes, there is an enormous amount of equipment that can be turned off for the six-day break that will help the University reduce its energy and carbon footprint.


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I helped the team promote last year’s Christmas Shutdown, which ran for 14 days. While our consumption of some utilities such as gas increased, we saw a positive saving with our steam consumption over the December period when compared to our performance the year previously.

And so, Christmas and Easter Shutdowns at the University are an opportunity to make significant energy and carbon savings. For example, the Worsley Building consumed 22% less electricity during last year’s Christmas Shutdown when compared to consumption in earlier December (when the University was open). This is an electricity saving of 32,000 kWh – enough to supply the Student Counselling Centre (19-21 Clarendon Place) of their electricity needs for a whole year!


So please help in reducing our footprint this Easter by turning off any equipment that can be switched off in your building – thanks!