Sustainability at the University of Leeds isn’t about half-promises; it’s at the core of who we are and what we do. It shapes and drives everything that happens here – what we teach, what we learn, what we buy, what we use, what we share, how we travel. It’s about ambition and belief in ourselves. It’s about working collaboratively within the University, with our partners, and with wider society.

Sustainability is at the heart of the University of Leeds. It’s not a ‘buzzword’, or something we just talk about. It’s something that influences every decision we make and every action we take, each and every day. And it’s not just because it’s the ‘right thing to do’ – embedding sustainability across our institution makes the university a better, more supportive, place to work.

But what does that mean? It means management systems, governance, plans and policies. But most of all it means working together to make sustainability a reality. Our Schools, Faculties, Services and individuals need to work as one, think about the bigger picture and, through collaboration, make a substantial contribution to our wider sustainability agenda.


Our Commitments

We will become a university where sustainability is truly embedded through knowledge, engagement, collaboration and innovation. Each and every one of our staff and students will understand the principles of sustainability – it will be an integral part of our operations and will bring about positive, sustainable change for the future.  To do this we have made four clear commitments under the Embedding Sustainability Through Collaboration strategic theme:

  1. We will embed sustainability across the whole University.
  2. We will create and support proactive collaborative networks.
  3. We will develop robust management systems.
  4. We will establish governance and accountability structures that drive sustainability and place it at the heart of our institution.

To find out more about how we will achieve these, see our action plan, or get in touch.