Fairtrade Challenge

The Wellbeing Safety and Health Service invite you to their Fairtrade Challenge! The challenge is aiming to promote the wide range of products that can be purchased with the Fairtrade trademark. There is often confusion over what the label of Fairtrade means, the types of product that are registered Fairtrade and whether there is any difference in taste.


In partnership with the University Catering Service – the FAIRTRADE CHALLENGE will bring people from the University Community together to understand the differences Fairtrade brings. There will be two stalls in the Refectory on Monday 20th April between 11 am and 2pm. On the stalls will be samples of food and drinks (Chocolate, Biscuits, Tea, Coffee etc.)  – one with a Fairtrade product and one with a non-Fairtrade product. All visitors are asked to sample the products and guess which item is the Fairtrade item.


There will be a large selection of products to sample, a tally of answers will be collated to report on the findings and all participants will be provided with an entry into the raffle to win a hamper full of Fairtrade products.


The event will provide an insight into the understanding of Fairtrade products, raise awareness of the number of different Fairtrade products that are produced and the range that the University Catering Service makes available for the University community to purchase.