University of Leeds Priestley Laboratory
Priestley Lab after installation of new energy efficient fume cupboards (2014)

As a research intensive institution, we recognise the potential negative impacts laboratories have on both the environment and wider community. In response the Sustainable Labs Working Group was established in 2013 to support and monitor the implementation of sustainability actions across the laboratory network.

The group is chaired by Assistant Professor Louise Jennings, and brings together Lab Managers, Technicians, and Estates Services from across the University to work together collaboratively and share best practice.

An example of work commissioned by the group is Reuse@Leeds:labs which allows lab users to share items such as electrical equipment, glassware and chemicals through the popular reuse site. In addition to this, the University regularly hosts S-lab events, seminars and guest speakers.

The Working Group is just one way we are taking our impacts seriously. A recent refurbishment of 64 fume cupboards in the Priestley Lab (pictured above), commissioned by the University’s Energy Team, has saved 511 tonnes of carbon, with an estimated cost saving of £81,000 per annum.

If you would like to know more about the Working Group or other ways to get involved please contact us. See also the other staff opportunities available through the Sustainability Service here. 


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