Here are some examples from different award levels of the workbook to give you an idea of the kinds of actions you will be completing:

Bronze Mandatory criteria examples:

“The team participates in the annual bird survey in January 2017.”

Silver Mandatory criteria examples:

“The team has completed the energy audit and has developed a 2 stage action plan to reduce energy consumption within the department.”

Gold Mandatory criteria examples:

“All new staff and students have been inducted on sustainability initiatives within the workplace and Green Impact.”

Platinum Mandatory criteria example:

“Senior Management directly engage and work on Green Impact. Green Impact is a standing item on full team meetings.”

Optional criteria in the Criteria Bank:

1 point criteria:

“The team can demonstrate participation in the Sustainability Garden Sessions.”

4 point criteria:

“The team has calculated the department’s total carbon footprint for business miles traveled in the last financial year.”


Lab criteria examples

The lab has identified potential water savings and has an action plan in place to achieve these savings, including a procedure for reporting leaks and floods. Environment-related actions and successes have been disseminated beyond the laboratory and have had demonstrable influence over the actions of other lab users.

All stored samples and materials are stored in the most energy efficient way for effective preservation, and all users understand the most efficient storage methods.