The workbook is an online tool which outlines specific and measurable criteria, covering the themes of the University’s Sustainability Strategy. It is your guide and first point of call for all things Green Impact, use it wisely.

Each team works through the workbook, completing the compulsory and optional criteria and giving evidence as to how they have achieved the action. The workbook includes a variety of criteria, ranging from increasing student and staff engagement with sustainability, working with voluntary organisations, improving the biodiversity of the university and promoting sustainable travel. Find some examples of criteria here or download an Excel version of the workbook to familiarise yourself. There are compulsory sections for each award level plus a Crieteria Bank from which teams can choose actions to complete meaning each team can tailor it to their needs. With another specific section for Labs teams with different criteria.

Award levels:

Going for Bronze!

  • Complete all the mandatory Bronze criteria (15)
  • Complete an additional 5 points from the Criteria Bank

Going for Silver!

  • Complete all the mandatory Bronze and Silver criteria (25)
  • Complete an additional 10 points from the Criteria Bank

Going for Gold!

  • Complete all the mandatory Bronze, Silver and Gold criteria (35)
  • Complete an additional 15 points from the Criteria Bank

Going for Platinum!

  • Complete all the mandatory Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum criteria (45)
  • Complete an additional 20 points from the Criteria Bank

Platinum Plus: All award levels completed, plus proven mentoring of a new or struggling team

Project: All bronze criteria completed, plus a sustainability project formulated and undertaken. (Can be either Silver, Gold or Platinum levels depending on the Project)

Labs: Specific criteria relating to the sustainability of laboratories.

  • Bronze: Complete 10 criteria
  • Silver: Complete 16 criteria
  • Gold: Complete 22 criteria
  • Platinum: Complete 28 criteria

After submission, the workbooks are audited by student volunteers to verify the results.To access the workbook please click here.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact the Sustainability service:

For new teams please follow the link above and register your team, also please make sure you notify the Sustainability Service. Enjoy and Good luck!