What is Green Impact?

Want to make a positive difference to your workplace and the University community? Not sure how to go about making changes or where to begin?

Look no further!

Green Impact is a nationally recognised sustainability accreditation scheme that brings together our staff and students into teams to play an active role in making the workplace more sustainable.  Sustainability is increasingly high on organisations’ agendas and the University has committed to the targets within the Sustainability Strategy so it important for the University community to be involved in improving the sustainability of the University.

The scheme is open to teams from every corner of the University, and we have a specific scheme for labs.

The scheme gives you the structure to make positive change while being very flexible and enabling you to tailor what actions you take to your department or office. The scheme works so you complete actions (or ‘Green Impact criteria‘), which feed in directly to the aims of the Sustainability Strategy, and the more you complete, the higher award you receive!

The scheme works around an online, interactive workbook, where you can see what actions you still need to complete and can upload evidence to this online workbook.

After the completion of the Bronze criteria, teams have two options; either continue with the workbook or complete a project of their choice!

2016/2017 teams: the deadline for workbook submission is 28th April

Why get involved

“Before I started taking part in Green Impact I was interested in how my workplace affected the environment and how I could make a difference, but the sheer range of things that could be done was overwhelming. When my department joined Green Impact we were given a workbook of challenges which provided the structure we needed to start making a real difference.” – Howard Collier, Clinical Trials Research UnitAt the end of the year, the criteria are audited by IEMA-trained University students, then all teams are invited to the annual Sustainability Awards where each team is recognised for their achievements, whether that’s Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus or a Project award!

Please click here to see the new changes to the criteria for 2016/17.

Want to get involved?

New teams check out the Green impact guide, the Green impact labs guide or the ‘Getting Started‘ info.

Email the Sustainability Service on sustainability@leeds.ac.uk

Click here to see the list of 2016-17 Green Impact teams