Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘Green Impact’

See our Introduction page or the Green impact guide for a full description.

Why is the University of Leeds getting involved?

Green Impact supports the aims of the strategy to embed sustainability throughout the organisation. The University of Leeds aims to reduce its carbon emissions by 35% of the 2005/06 baseline by 2020/21 against a HEFCE sector target of 43% which means that we now have to address our individual behavior to improve our performance to achieve our goals.

What’s in it for me?

  • A more sustainable workplace;
  • Recognition for environmental actions;
  • New green skills for participating staff;
  • Bringing together staff from across the University;
  • The opportunity to save the department/ University money and resources.


The online workbook will go live at the beginning of each academic year and should be submitted around April. Dates will vary from year to year, however full guidance on these will be given by the Sustainability Intern.

What work is involved?

An online Green Impact workbook is supplied. The four Sustainability Strategy themes group the set number of relevant criteria together. Teams can either choose to complete the workbook to achieve an award category of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Platinum Plus. Or, after completing Bronze the teams can choose to undertake a Project where they will be awarded either Project Silver, Project Gold or Project Platinum. When completing the Bronze workbook all the criteria are compulsory, however as you move up the award levels there will be a set number of compulsory criteria and some optional criteria to choose from. This allows teams flexibility as to what they can complete and overall makes the workbook less time consuming. Some actions from the workbook may already be taking place, all you will need to do is evidence this.

Since 2015/16 there is the Platinum Plus award level. This requires all the platinum criteria to be completed, and requires the team to either recruit a new team or mentor a struggling team, in order to develop the Green Impact network across the University.

Templates and guidance are provided on the resources page here.

How many people do we need for a team?

There are no minimum staff requirements and we encourage input from research students as well. The more people that are on the team will reduce the workload on individuals and make it more collaborative and fun! If you need any more help the Green Impact Project Assistants are there to help!

Can students form a team?

The teams need to be comprised of University staff members, but students can provide support to the teams in implementing positive changes in their area. For more information on how students can get involved, see our Student Involvement page.