Leeds City Council Enforcement


Leeds Antisocial Behaviour Team (LASBT) are implementing a new approach this changeover to tackle excessive noise caused by end of year parties. Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team at Leeds City Council has the responsibility to investigate noise nuisance which is a criminal offence.

Whilst the Council appreciates that students will want to enjoy and celebrate the end of exams, this should be done in a responsible manner which does not cause distress or disturbance to nearby residents.

To try to tackle the issue of noise, LASBT will be taking the following approach;

  • Provide additional out of hours patrols within the local area to respond to complaints of noise nuisance.
  • Issuing of Community Protection Notices when necessary; sanctions for non-compliance include a £100 fixed penalty notice, seizure of equipment (including DJ decks and laptops) or prosecution through the criminal courts.
  • Issuing of Closure Notices to deal with large rowdy parties; if the nuisance is not abated after a notice is served, the students at the address may be required to attend the Magistrates Court the following morning for a Closure Order application. Breach of a Closure Order is a criminal offence.
  • If students have previously been served with a noise abatement notice and this has been breached, , the Council may pursue prosecutions through the criminal courts where property seizure is not an option, which could result in a criminal conviction and a fine.

For practical tips and advice on how to avoid causing any problems for your neighbours and to avoid enforcement action, take a look at the Living in Leeds Guide. http://www.leeds.ac.uk/sustainabledevelopment/downloads/community_guide.pdf