For the last 3 years, Peregrines have unsuccessfully tried to nest on the Parkinson tower.  This year, with a little help of a custom-made nesting platform and local experts (some of whom actually work at the University), they successfully laid three eggs between 7th -11th May.  We have a webcam in position that provides a direct stream to the Peregrines on a live feed when they are in residence.

Our 2018 chicks have all now successfully fledged, but all three have been ringed in the hope that we’ll get reports in the future of our new arrivals!  The colour rings we used were black on orange and the weights and codes were as follows:

  • TAC – Weight, 550g
  • T7B  – Weight, 700g
  • TBC – Weight, 565g

If you want to know more about the Peregrines, our corporate partners at the RSPB have a very useful webpage here that might help with some of the common questions, but if you have any updates that you would like to share, or have any other questions, please do so through our social media channels, or by emailing: