Reuse – The system that keeps on giving!

By Cathy Harrison – Central IT

I’ve been using the Reuse facility since it was originally set up and it has proved an invaluable method of sourcing office furniture and storage items, resulting in a significant saving in office expenditure. The two main meeting rooms in my department are furnished with complete sets of tables and chairs obtained from Reuse.

The main items of office furniture I am asked to request are desks, chairs and drawers units; I am almost always able to source the items I require from the Reuse facility. Especially useful are the invitations to office clearances, from which a huge variety of furniture and other items can be obtained.

Recently, I needed two pedestal desk-high drawers units and five standard wheeled office chairs. Purchase price for new items would have been just over £1,000. I was able to obtain the drawers and chairs from the Faculty of Engineering and have the items delivered by Faculty warehouse staff, with no expenditure required whatsoever.

In the current financial climate, when University departments are looking to reduce expenditure as much as possible, the Reuse facility is a vital resource in making this possible.