The Staff Sustainability Architects network provides University of Leeds staff with opportunities and resources to promote and implement sustainable practices through their role.

About the Role

Staff Sustainability Architects are pivotal in embedding sustainability throughout the organisation. By facilitating positive change within their departments, collaborating with architects from other teams and providing key engagement and communication links between their departments and the Sustainability Service, Sustainability Architects will be exemplars in the higher education sector.  The role will be instrumental in the delivery of the Sustainability Strategy and therefore in promoting positive environmental, social and economic impacts and best practice.

A network of Sustainability Architects (to replace Environmental Co-ordinators) will be made up of people who:

  • Are committed to delivering the University Sustainability Strategy across their teams.  As part of a collaborative network, Sustainability Architects will be integral to embedding and improving sustainability within their departments.
  • Will commit at least one day a month (c0.5% FTE) to sustainability initiatives in keeping with the Sustainability Strategy.
  • Work proactively with others in their departments to embed sustainability into departmental activities and plans.  Projects should relate to improving core social, economic and environmental impacts of each department across the full range of the school/service’s activities.
  • Create real, positive change through innovative department-specific projects.
  • Work together with the Sustainability Service and an effective network of Sustainability Architects (staff and student) to transform behaviour within schools and services across the University.

Specifically, this may involve:

  • Developing a thorough understanding of the sustainability strategy and action plan.  Attend training and development activities and staff architects networking activities to maintain this understanding;
  • Promote and share their department’s sustainability initiatives and progress throughout the University;
  • Work proactively with the Sustainability Service and other departments to support School and Service record keeping  for sustainability-related KPIs;
  • To work with and in some instances lead Green Impact teams, and motivate others to get involved;
  • Work proactively with the Sustainability Service and other departments (HR, OD&PL) to embed sustainability into induction staff development and training.

Join the Network

For a copy of the job description please click on the link below. Please email if you are interested in applying.

Staff Sustainability Architects Job Description

Mailing List

Current Staff Sustainability Architects are invited to join the Staff Sustainability Architects mailing list to share knowledge and best practice.


Sustainability in Practice training is a training module for all University of Leeds staff. The course explores what sustainability is, why it is important and what part you, as an individual, can play in ensuring the University has a positive environmental, social and economic impact. We recommend that you complete this course as part of your induction.

Student Sustainability Architects

If you are a student and interested in becoming a Sustainability Architect please click here. See the other staff opportunities available through the Sustainability Service here.