The Sustainable Labs Working Group meets bi-annually to establish actions across the university that can be taken to reduce both the direct and indirect impacts laboratories have on the environment.

If you would like to be involved, or know of best practice that you would like to share with the group please contact us.
Not sure who your working group representative is? Take a look below!


Chair: Associate Professor Louise Jennings – Associate Professor of Medical Engineering

Karen Stevens – Lead Technician (School of Civil Engineering)
Peter Thompson – Technical Officer (School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering)
Jane Marie Stocks – Laboratory Manager; H&S Coordinator (School of Earth and Environment)
Linda Forbes – Laboratory coordinator (School of Earth and Environment)
Andy Connelly – Cohen Labs Geochemistry Technical Officer (School of Earth and Environment)
Antony Windross – Instrument Workshop Manager (School of Earth and Environment)
Sarah Burdall – Faculty Health & Safety Manager (Faculty of Environment)
Karen Hemmings – Research Fellow (Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine)
Stacey Galloway – Research Technician (Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine)
Rachel Gasior – Laboratory Manager (School of Geography)
Jackie Goodall – Senior Technical Services Manager (Faculty of Biological Sciences)
Miles Ratcliffe – Laboratory Manager (School of Food Science Nutrition)
Ruth Anderson-Beck – Faculty Teaching Laboratory Co-ordinator (Faculty of Biological Sciences)
Fiona Croden – Experimental Officer and Research Dietitian (School of Psychology)
Stephen Marsden – Head of the School of Chemistry
Ian Blakely – Building Manager/Safety Adviser (School of Chemistry)
Marie Parker – Senior Lab Manager (St James Hospital)
Rachel Barlow – Lab Manager (St James Hospital)
Sarah Perry – Lab Manager (St James)
Michael Brookes – Lab Technician (School of Design)
Timothy Nadin
Robert Douglass – Energy Officer (Estates and Campus Support Services)
James Dixon Gough – Sustainability Manager (Sustainability Service)
Joshua West – Sustainability Projects Assistant (Sustainability Service)