Help us encourage more sustainable transport choices among the University and wider community! 

Bike Hub Volunteers

What is it?

Volunteers act as a point of contact for staff, student and members of the public accessing the Bike Hub. Working as part of the Bike Hub Team, volunteers welcome and build a rapport with HUB users, provide advice on cycling in the city, hire bikes to staff and students,  as well as providing technical guidance on bicycle maintenance.  Volunteers also provide practical hands on support with helping HUB  users to maintain and repair their bicycles. Volunteers also have the opportunity to support the project planning and delivery of events on campus, residencies and the local community to promote sustainable travel as well as well as events linked to the broader sustainability agenda. Including  National Clean Air Day (21st June).

What are the time commitments?

We would welcome a regular commitment during the Bike hub opening hours of 10am-4pm, Tuesday- Thursday. But we are flexible and can work around your study or other commitments.

Dr. Bike 

What is it?

Learn how to safety check a bike become a fully-fledged Dr. Bike! This volunteer opportunity will help you understand what to look for and provide advice to cyclists  on how to keep their bike safe and secure! Putting your new skills to use you will join a team of other staff and volunteers to perform safety checks of bikes at one of our DR Bike sessions hosted in the local community. No experience with bikes is required, just a willingness to get a bit greasy and learn about bikes!

What are the time commitments?

Pop-up events take place through the year on campus and in community venues, including local schools. Upcoming scheduled events:

  • Monday 19th February, 10am-1pm, Mill Hill Chapel

What You will Gain

  • Knowledge of sustainability in practice
  • Bike maintenance skills
  • Knowledge of local cycling
  • Insight into effective engagement and communication methods
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Organisational skills
  • Ability to support and encourage others to perform
  • Leadership skills
  • Time and project management skills

Get Involved

If you are interested in our sustainable transport volunteering opportunities or would like to find out more get in touch at