Car Share The University support car sharing as much as possible and we manage this through a company called Liftshare which enables organised car-sharing by connecting people who are going in the same direction so they can arrange to travel together and share the cost, reducing pollution and congestion at the same time!

Why not sign up here, log a journey and see if you could car share to the university with a colleague that lives close to you? Liftshare also has a really handy cost calculator to work out how you can split your costs with other car sharers as well as your carbon savings.

We have recently relaunched the Liftshare system for staff car sharers especially to help with ‘journey matching’ and creating a more user friendly system!


How do you go about setting up car sharing via Liftshare?

In order to set up a car sharing group and obtain your reference number on the Liftshare website, just follow the steps below:

  • Once you have created a user account, register all journeys that you make and would like to car share on. The Liftshare system matches your journey with other staff members on the system who live nearby or may go along that route into work. Through the system you will be able to securely make contact with potential matches to discuss potential car sharing arrangements.
  • Once you have arranged a car share with other colleagues you will need to confirm this on your Liftshare account. You can do this by going to the ‘Contacts’ section of your account and updating your sharing status. The system will then create a BUDi team for you which officially recognises you as car sharers on the system. All BUDi teams will have a unique identification number, please keep a note of this for future reference.

If you do already have a Liftshare account and would like to find someone to car share with, please make sure that your profile and journey information are up to date so that staff members who are interested in car sharing can search for accurate journey matches using current information.


Enterprise Car Club Don’t have your own car but need access to one for a quick trip or to move some items?

Have a look at Enterprise Car Club which enables you to book out and use a range of different cars that can be reserved for as little as half an hour, a day, or as long as needed. There are 35+ new hire vehicles in designated bays across the City; we have 2 on campus that can be reserved online by phone or using the iphone app. Once reserved, you just head to the designated vehicle, unlock it using your membership card or app, enter your unique pin once in the vehicle to dispense the keys and drive away. Simple!

For staff We offer pay-as-you-go cars to staff on business through Enterprise Car Club. Once registered you can hire a car by the hour, including fuel, insurance, maintenance and RAC cover. Book as far as 12 months ahead for as little as one minute before you need the car. University staff get membership for £1 with the CORP001 discount code into the website.

For students under 22, membership costs only £6/month allowing you easy and cheap access to a car whenever you need it!

For further information about car locations, registration, membership, costs and bookings check out the website here.

We are also working on improving the Enterprise Car Club service to make it easier for staff to use during work time including a new electric vehicle soon to be operating from campus! We will keep you updated. 

Driving Car parking facilities at the University are limited and students are not able to park on campus. We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions so we encourage our students, staff and visitors to walk, cycle and use public transport wherever possible to reduce our impact on the environment.To find out more about parking including disabled provision and permits please visit the University parking pages.