Student Conference on Sustainable Futures 2017


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“I really liked the mix of students and staff coming together.”

                                      “It was great to see so many different, forward looking perspectives!”

“Whoever organised the food deserves a medal! x3”

                                      “Great presentations and excellent discussions. I feel inspired. Thank you!  

A huge thank you to all the student presenters and delegates who attended the conference! It was fantastic to see such a diverse turn out, and we look forward to continuing the conversations and the future conferences to come.


Conference FAQs


When is the conference?
The conference will be taking place on Friday 3rd February 2017.

Where is it taking place?
The conference is being held across Parkinson Court, Baines Wing and The Great Hall. All rooms are wheelchair accessible and will be sign posted on the day. Once submissions are confirmed, room information will be published in the delegate handbook, available on the

Who is the conference for?
The conference is aimed at all who have an interest in sustainability and innovative ideas on how we shape an environmentally, socially and economically positive society. Students are invited to present their projects or research at the conference, but we also invite non-presenting students, staff and members of the public to attend! Registration will be made live once student presenters are confirmed (Late November).

What will the conference be about?
The conference theme is . This multi-disciplinary theme covers a broad spectrum of topics from biodiversity, climate change and food security to social equality, policy and economic challenges and urban development. A delegate handbook will be produced once student presenters have been accepted which will detail the subject areas that students research will be covering.

What are the benefits of me presenting my work?

  • Verbal and visual presentation practice
  • Experience in communicating your work to a non- specialist audience
  • Chance to network, spark discussions, collaborate and broaden your insight.
  • Awards for best oral, poster and performance presentations.
  • It’s free!

I want to apply to present my research. Where do I start?
Read our entry and submission guidelines and decide on how your work would be best presented at the conference. All presenters are asked to create an academic poster, but you also have the opportunity to do an oral presentation too! We are also interested in presenters whose work takes the form of a music, dance, spoken word performance, art installation or practical demonstration. The next step is to then complete our application form and send it to before

How do I know if my research fits the theme?
Projects will be accepted on the basis of having some element of positive benefit to the future sustainability of society. Sustainability is a broad, cross-disciplinary subject and so the vast majority of submissions will qualify.

What format will the oral presentations take?
Students will have 10 minutes to present their work to a non-specialist audience using accompanying slides (Powerpoint, PDF, Prezi). This will then be followed by ten minutes of questions and discussions. Please read the entry and submission guidelines for more information.

I have never done an oral presentation before, where can I go for advice?
For creating your poster – take a look at our handy 

Oral presentation guidelines will be posted shortly. In the meantime, you can take a look at Skills@Library’s useful information on presentation practice and delivery –

What is the cost to attend?
The conference is free to attend for both presenters and delegates.

Will lunch be provided?
A vegan buffet lunch will be served for all presenters and delegates on the day. 

The Emperor’s New Clothes Conference: A Sustainable Future for Fashion & Textiles

The Emperor’s New Clothes is an annual event which brings together the fashion and textiles community to discuss the multifaceted challenge of sustainability. It provides a space to discover forward-thinking ideas and initiatives, forge new connections, and have a frank debate about the scale and pace of change in the industry.

This 2016 conference will take place on Thursday 8 September at the University of Leeds. We are delighted to announce that our keynote speaker is Kate Fletcher, Professor of Sustainability, Design, Fashion at London College of Fashion.

The theme for this year’s event is ‘Leverage Points’, which builds on the insights of influential systems thinker Donella Meadows. We are inviting speakers and delegates to consider the ambition, scale and impact of their work: where are the opportunities for maximum leverage in transforming the fashion system?

EAUC Annual Conference

This year, the University of Leeds are proud to be hosting the Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges (EAUC) Annual Conference.  This year’s theme, ‘Challenging Connections’ aims to inspire and challenge tertiary education to look again at our connections, our partnerships and the voices we are hearing and those we are not.  For more information please visit: