Dissertations and Final Year Projects

Deciding on what to do your dissertation on can seem like a daunting task! It is generally the biggest piece of work you will do as part of your undergraduate or masters degree, yet a lot of students find that it is the most enjoyable part of their studies at University.

At Leeds we strive to promote research and learning that makes an impact on global challenges, focusing on six key areas: health, water, food, energy, culture and cities.

Find out how you can integrate sustainability in your work, the benefits of doing so, and current opportunities for you to get involved, in the tabs below. 


Student Engagement


The Sustainability Service has a commitment to make sure that all of our students become sustainability literate, and graduate with related key skills and knowledge. This forms one of the four themes in our Sustainability Strategy and we have a number of key performance indicators that help us to monitor our development in this area. We support our students to be responsible citizens and an active part of society, both locally and globally.  There are a variety of ways to get involved with sustainability; from working with us as a student architect, or intern, through to volunteering on one of our projects, or even taking a module in sustainability.

“Sustainability is part of being a student at the University of Leeds, no matter what your discipline.”

One of our key messages is that sustainability is applicable to all, and all disciplines.  Graduates are going to have to make some tough decisions in the future and we want out students prepared to make these decisions with a key knowledge and understanding of the importance of sustainability.  Alongside formal learning in sustainability, we focus on supporting students in developing, understanding and communicating the skills that they have – from volunteering, internships, and auditing, to trying their hand at beekeeping!

You can find out more about our Student Sustainability Architects here.

Integrating sustainability into the curriculum  
Take a look at the hundreds of elective module “Creating Sustainable Futures” available to most undergraduate students, here.
For ideas and tips about completing a sustainability-related dissertation, no matter what your subject, contact us.