Amanda Jackson

Sustainability Project Officer

About Amanda

Amanda has a lead role in the delivery of the Positive Partner in Society strategic work-stream at the University of Leeds, part of the University’s integrated Sustainability Strategy. This includes all aspects of the University’s social impact, incorporating community engagement and participation, both within the City and the wider region.  She is responsible for fostering good relations with local communities, providing specialist advice and support to colleagues across the University on issues of key social impact, and for scoping and managing initiatives to improve the University’s social and community impact, this includes supporting students as responsible local residents.

In the 15 years that Amanda has worked on community matters at the University, she has overseen the development of the agenda to one of more strategic importance whilst maintaining a focus on relationship management and developing trust in the communities of Leeds where the majority of our students live. Key achievements include: overseeing the delivery of the Leeds Universities and Colleges Neighbourhood Helpline, delivering Living in Leeds initiatives to support and encourage students’ integration into local communities, multi-agency partnership work to ensure local services are responsive to the needs of our students, reporting on the University’s social, economic and cultural contributions to Leeds through a regular community newsletter, building community capacity through delivery of the Community Mentoring Scheme.   As the main liaison with the local community, including local residents, community organisations, Leeds City Council, charities, regional bodies, MPs and civil servants, Amanda has successfully built a reputation of understanding and trust in her balanced and fair approach.

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