Welcome to the Sustainability Student Architects

Welcome to our new Sustainability Student Architects – take a look at  their blogs below, and find out more information here.


Hi I’m Hannah. As one of the university’s new Sustainability Architects, essentially my role is to engage students and societies with all of the wonderful things the Sustainability Service does to ensure sustainable behavior is being practiced.

So far I have been building contacts with society members, promoting the sustainability service’s initiatives and finding out what they need help with in order to become more sustainable. Additionally I have sent out a survey to all the societies to find this out in greater detail. In the following weeks I will be promoting the importance of incorporating sustainable behavioral skills into the introductory training sessions for societies at the beginning of each year. From the survey results, I will be working out what should be included in these sessions. There is already a large presence of societies trying to become more sustainable: this is most noticeable in the Sustainability Hub, which has been set up by societies as a space in which they can help each other become more sustainable. I aim to support the hub by increasing their presence within the university.

Sustainability is something I’ve always had a keen interest in. As a self-proclaimed vegetarian at the age of ten, it was inevitable I would become a volunteer at Green Action’s vegan cooperative. As a Geography undergrad, I have increasingly become aware of the importance of practicing and promoting environmental and social justice and so I am delighted that my role as an architect enables me to do this.


Hi, I’m Catherine and I’m one of the Student Sustainability Architects! Alongside this, I’m studying for my MSc Sustainability (Environmental Politics and Policy), and the two do go hand in hand! My main focus, within the overall aim of increasing student engagement, is increasing the amount of sustainability-themed dissertations available to students across the university. This involves communicating with a range of people including module leaders, outside organisations, students and the rest of the team. I would love to see a tangible increase in the availability and uptake of sustainability dissertations from a wide array of subjects by the time I finish – that would be fantastic! So far I’ve been contacting dissertation module leaders to get them on board and I am targeting the elective modules which already attract students from across the university due to their cross cutting themes. Although the project has only just started, it’s really exciting to be working on something so important to me!


Hey! As one of the four new faces in the Sustainability Service I have spent a lot of time recently trying to describe my role, and I have to admit it’s taken me a little while to pin down some firm objectives for what I want to achieve. There is so much good work being done across campus through things like Green Impact and the Climate Hubs, but after looking into student engagement within my own School it’s clear we could do more to promote these and get students thinking about sustainability on a day-to-day basis. For this reason an important part of my role will be looking into how we can raise awareness of the service’s work and the new strategy among students, and develop the channels through which they can get involved. I’m also interested in raising the profile of volunteering and community engagement projects within employability services, and encouraging the promotion of the University’s dedication to sustainability to prospective students through things like Open Days. By working with Schools to develop both their environmental and social sustainability I hope to help build a learning environment for students that really encourages them to get involved and make a difference. – Amy.


Hi guys.  I have lived in Leeds for 6 months now and what a whirlwind it has been! I moved here on the basis that I would simply be studying for my masters but I have become so involved that I’m not even sure where to start! My life revolves around sustainability, through my masters, Green Impact, working for the Sustainability Service and being a Green Rep in my halls of residence, I am constantly implementing tools for sustainable living and reaching out to others so that they too can become engaged in this.

The most incredible thing about being a Sustainability Architect is that I have the freedom to create my own ideas whilst working alongside a great team of people. This has allowed me to gain so many new skills but also friends. I am working on a video project at the moment which involves seeking out potential areas to secretly film across campus. It’s different to anything that has been done within the Sustainability Service before so it is very exciting! We hope to have this project completed by the end of May so keep your eyes peeled for the big reveal! – Shóna.