What are you doing this weekend?


The end of exams is a fun time for everyone.  It can often be a shock to the system for students to adapt to the sight of an empty Terrace pint glass instead of a library book. This transition results in a much needed ‘end of exams blowout’. The end of exam period not only benefits students in a positive way, it also affects University staff, lecturers in particular who are excited to see the end of rows of slumped heads and subtle texting in Roger Stevens on a Friday afternoon. A lot of local businesses also thrive from these festivities, especially those situated near the Otley Road region… What I’m trying to say is that students are not the only groups of people benefiting at this time of year.

Alongside hours of partying, noise complaints are also inevitable. Leeds has a very high population density, especially in the inner city which means that noise travels far. Even if you let your immediate neighbours aware of a party, it is still possible that people a few roads away can still be affected. I’ve heard lots of stories about parties getting out of hand, resulting in people’s possessions being stolen. Not only do I live in an area surrounded by families, we are unable to lock the doors of our bedrooms from the outside. This worries me that my valuables may be at risk if I was to throw a party, and so as a result, myself and my housemates have looked into other ways of celebrating this coming weekend (Saturday 6th June).

I’m going to the Yorkshire Post’s Food and Drink event at Millennium Square this weekend.  More than 100 exhibitors will be showcasing the region’s finest food and drink t on June 5,6 & 7th, and most importantly, it’s free! It even goes on till 9 o’clock on the Friday and Saturday and then I’ll be heading to the ball on Saturday night.

Looking for ideas on what you can do? Check out the following link which lists what’s going on! http://urlmin.com/4quq7