Where has the time gone?


My internship is now coming to a close and I have to say I really have enjoyed the whole year! However the two highlights that I will remember the most will be firstly, putting the beehives on the Laidlaw library roof and secondly the sustainability awards ceremony.

I am pleased to have studied and worked at this University where urban biodiversity is continually growing and adapting. The introduction of the bees on the green roof is amazing, I’m happy to have been involved in the hive checks and organising the bee lectures. I do hope in the future I will have my own hives!


Well the awards… I feel very proud to have organised and seen the outcome of this event. Everything, from the fantastic table decorations to the food fell into place perfectly on the night. I don’t think I could have asked for a smoother running of an event. It was lovely to be able to celebrate everyone’s successes over the past year.

My internship has not only prepared me for the working world but has also allowed me to develop and gain transferable skills. I would like to say thanks to the sustainability team for all their support and help through this year, I couldn’t have got where I am now without it. I’m excited to start the next chapter of my life and am moving to Manchester to start my career with an environmental consultancy!