Noise is an issue which affects all residents and causes conflict between housemates, neighbours and whole communities. If you are thinking of inviting your friends over, spare a thought for those living next door who may be up at 7am to go to work, school or lectures.   The universities are working closely with the Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team and West Yorkshire Police to minimise noise nuisance in local neighbourhoods.

For tips to help you remain on friendly terms with your neighbours and avoid complaints being made to the University, Police and Leeds Antisocial Behaviour Team, read Your Guide to Living in Leeds.

Don’t get caught out
Noise nuisance is a criminal offence and enforcement action can be taken by the Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team against any household which is causing a nuisance.  This could result in a criminal conviction, confiscation of any noise-making equipment and fines of up to £5000. The Police may take action with respect to any crime and disorder.

The University may also take disciplinary against students whom behave in a way which persistently causes distress to their neighbours and brings into question the reputation of the university. For the University’s procedures see the Neighbourhood Helpline Code.

Report a Noise Problem
If you are having a problem with a noisy neighbour report this to the Universities and Colleges Neighbourhood Helpline Service.