My First Month…


Hi everyone,

I’m Becky, an undergraduate from the university studying Sustainability and Environmental Management, and I’ve just completed the first month of my placement as Sustainability Intern.  It’s been a busy and exciting month for the Sustainability Service with students returning!  Freshers was a fun and hectic time on campus, and I promoted sustainability at Fresher’s Fairs and helped out in the Bike Hub with student and staff bike hires.


My main responsibility is to manage and expand the Green Impact scheme across the university, which recently launched for 2016/17.  This has involved meeting and communicating with staff and presenting volunteer opportunities to students.  There has already been a great interest for student project assistant roles, and I look forward to working with these students throughout the year to improve the sustainability of the university, whilst developing their professional skills.

I’ve also had a chance to get involved with several projects that my colleagues are working on.  One memorable project involved harvesting the honey from the hives on Laidlaw Library and putting them into jars to be sold on campus.

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I’m particularly interested in corporate sustainability, so I’ve been helping out with the university’s Environmental Management System, creating questions for the move to ISO 14001:2015, and going along to an audit of the School of Food Science and Nutrition.  I’m also assisting in putting together the university’s 2016 Biodiversity Action Plan, a really exciting project!

As I’m interested in waste management and have considered this as a theme for my dissertation, I have been tasked with creating a methodology for cross-University bin dips.  Not the most glamorous of jobs, but it’ll definitely be an interesting project!

It’s been such a full and exciting month, I’m really looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring with a great team.  Next week I’m off to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Volunteer Day to help with the construction of otter holts on the River Aire to help with recolonization… more to follow!