To coincide with the end of exams and our student’s departure of the city, we will be publishing a series of weekly blogs to provide support to our student’s and reduce any potential negative impacts on local communities.

Whilst the majority of our students do not cause any problems for their neighbours, this time of year is a peak for noise complaints made to the University, Police and Leeds City Council Antisocial Behaviour Team as a result of end of year celebrations.

Living in local communities means that you are part of a much larger community with very different needs and lifestyles to your own. Hyde Park, Headingley, Little Woodhouse and other neighbouring areas are all established communities with people who live their year on year.


To help you remain on friendly terms with your neighbours and avoid complaints being made against you, follow our quick and easy tips:

  • Stick to weekends if you are thinking of having a party. Call around to your neighbours in advance to let them know your plans and negotiate a time which the party will continue till. Consider giving your neighbours a mobile number so that they can notify you if the noise levels are reaching an inconsiderate volume.
  • Even a one off noisy party is likely to result in complaints and possible enforcement action.
  • Consider holding celebrations away from your home. Many city centre bars offer rooms which can be booked at no cost.
  • Noise can be a statutory nuisance at any time, day or night, but the hours between 11pm and 8am are particularly noise sensitive.
  • The use of DJ and loud speaker systems are more likely to lead to complaints and enforcement action being taken.
  • Remember noise is a criminal offence. Enforcement Officers enter premises of offenders and seize equipment. This can include hi-fi equipment, docking stations, laptops, televisions, musical instruments, amplifiers etc.

If you are having any problem with a noisy neighbour or any other concern regarding the community in which you live, contact the Universities and Colleges Neighbourhood Helpline service on 0113 343 1064 (24 hour voicemail) or

Watch this space to follow our progress email us at if you have any questions!