Frequently Asked Questions

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What can be recycled on campus?

We recycle plastics types 1, 2, and 4. TetraPak, coffee cups and ‘compostable’ materials should be placed in the general waste bins. Read the full list of materials that can and cannot be recycled on campus.

What happens to University food waste?

All our food waste is collected by our waste contractor and sent for anaerobic digestion. This means all compostable materials (food packaging, coffee cups, wooden cutlery etc.) should be disposed of in the general waste bin. All surplus food from our food outlets and catering team are redistributed via the Too Good to Go app.

How can I hire a bike?

You can hire a bike through the Bike Hub, where you can also get advice on manual/electric bikes and volunteering.

I’m interested in studying / researching sustainability – where can I find out more?

There are many ways to incorporate sustainability into your studies. To learn about sustainability as part of your degree, you could enrol onto one of our Discovery Modules and develop a dissertation relating to sustainability. If you had a particular idea for a research project, you can collaborate with academics and service staff to find solutions to real-life problems through our Leeds Living Lab programme.

I’m a member of staff that wants to be more sustainable in my area. What should I do?

If you want to build sustainability into your role, you could consider becoming a Staff Sustainability Architect. If you feel like your School or Service has the potential to improve its sustainable impacts, have a look into our Blueprint programme. If you’d like some useful tips or downloads to take away or share with your colleagues, we have a whole library of resources available in the Learning Hub.

I’m a student and I want to make an impact – where do I start?

There are so many ways you can get involved in sustainability such as through volunteering or joining student societies. You can even apply to become an extended member of our team through the Student Architects programme. See all the different opportunities on how you can get involved with the Sustainability Service.

What facilities are available on campus?

There are a number of accessible facilities available to everyone on campus including water fountains, cafes, showers, the Bike Hub and more. You can view these from the University’s interactive campus map.