The University of Leeds does not exist in a bubble. We are part of the local Leeds community, the wider UK and global society.

We take our responsibility to make a difference seriously. By actively becoming a positive partner in society we are taking our ethos of sustainability beyond the campus to the wider world; from our suppliers to the communities we work with across the Leeds City Region.  We will also continue to make sure that our campus is a welcoming place to be – somewhere that the local community and visitors to Leeds can visit, get involved with and explore.


Our Commitments

We will become a university where sustainability is truly embedded through knowledge, engagement, collaboration and innovation. Each and every one of our staff and students will understand the principles of sustainability – it will be an integral part of our operations and will bring about positive, sustainable change for the future.  To do this we have made five clear commitments under the Positive Partner in Society strategic theme:

  1. We will build external engagement to further develop internal and external capacity and knowledge, and influence wider policies.
  2. We will lead by example, share best practice, learn from others and ensure our research is accessible.
  3. We will take our responsibility to society seriously, as an employer, good neighbour and in creating opportunities.
  4. We will support our students to be responsible citizens and an active part of society, both locally and globally.
  5. We will create a welcoming, culturally and environmentally vibrant campus.


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