The Project

In January 2019 the University of Leeds partnered with a local artist, Emma Hardaker, and the people of Hyde Park to create a project to improve the appearance of the area and provide a legacy for the people of Hyde Park. The project was an inclusive event intended for all ages, cultures, genders, abilities, and beyond.

The project has been created to celebrate art in public places and use art as a tool to bring the community together. Through June 2019 we encouraged people to engage with the place they live, through workshops, events and live painting, creating a feeling of ownership and pride for Hyde Park residents.

The team feels passionately about working within communities and, for this project, we have worked closely with local residents, the Hyde Park Neighbourhood Forum, Brudenell Primary School, local councillors and local business owners from the project’s beginning.

Our artists, a mixture of current and past students, all have a connection with Hyde Park and hope to, through this project, leave a mark to celebrate the place and the people they love so much. The designs reflect the spirit and diversity of the community alongside the natural beauty of Woodhouse Moor.

The Murals
In February we ran an open design competition for four of the murals. We requested the designs reflect the natural beauty of the area and celebrate the diversity of the community. Our community panel, built from members representing the full community, helped us choose our four winners; Charlotte, Niall, Joy and Maya. The final two artists, Emma and Fem, are developing their designs through workshops with Brudenell Primary School. 

Emma and Fem, two of our artists, are developing their mural designs through community workshops with schoolchildren at Brudenell Primary School. In these workshops they presented a little about what the project was and what they’ve done as an artist and then encouraged the children to consider what they like about Hyde Park and where they visit. In Emma’s workshop she brought a map of Hyde Park up on the screen and encouraged the children to point out the places they visited to then translate into shapes and images. Below are some of the paintings the children created in their groups. These shapes and designs will be incorporated into Emma’s mural design. Fem’s workshop saw the children celebrating the natural beauty of Hyde Park, drawing flowers and leaves that Fem collected around the neighbourhood.

Mural Map
To create a lasting legacy for the community, artists and everyone involved, we have created a Mural Map. This will feature all seven murals, alongside biographies from our incredible artists. This map will be launched at our launch event on July 26th at the Cardigan Centre, see you there!

This project has been made possible thanks to:

-The University of Leeds Sustainability Services
-Leeds Inspired
-The Inner North West Community Committee
-Leeds Beckett University

Rosanna Flett: Project leader

Emma Hardaker: Creative consultant

Special thanks to:
The Community Panel who worked together to select the competition winners. Brudenell Primary School teachers and children who assisted and attended the workshops. The landlords and business owners who kindly donated their walls for the artists to paint. For the student volunteers who assisted with consulting the community and priming the walls, and to all the artists who have done an incredible job of creating bespoke pieces for the area.