University life for many students involves making a move out into the communities of Leeds with friends and running a household for the first time. Moving in to your own home is an exciting time for every student. Many areas close to the University have a high proportion of students living within them, but no area could be considered as being ‘student only’. Your neighbours could be like you, young professionals, elderly people or a family. Call around to your neighbours and introduce yourself. You’ll be living next to each other for a year so you might as well call in and say hello!

To help you settle into the local community and make the most of your time here in Leeds, see our Guide to Living in Leeds or scroll down, for our top tips on living in Leeds. Students make a great contribution to the City – the University attracts the brightest students from diverse backgrounds. As with every community, some things, such as bins on streets or noisy parties, can still cause problems. This information has been put together to help you avoid these issues as well as helping you to make the most out of your time living in Leeds.  Have a read, pick up some tips and enjoy your time in the City!