Finding and running a home for the the first time can be a bit of a daunting task.  We have some quick and easy suggestions to get you on track. See also our handy guide for students Living in Leeds, here.

Student Housing

Leeds has a wide range of housing choice for students. Whether your preference is to live in University accommodation, a large development or private housing during your time at Leeds, there is plenty of good quality, affordable accommodation of all sizes to go around.

Don’t feel pressured in to finding the right property. Last year, there were over 5000 empty bedrooms in the student housing market in Leeds.  Better choice, prices and accredited accommodation become available when official house hunting begins in January.

At the University of Leeds we understand the importance of finding the right living environment to help you settle in, study effectively and enjoy a good social life. Visit the University’s accommodation website for information on the choices available and  how you can access both University and private accommodation.

Leeds University Union also provide great advice on house hunting, including how to check the standard of the accommodation, whether your landlord is reputable, plus deposit information and tenants’ satisfaction rates with local landlords.


White Rose Energy: The new not for profit gas and electricity alternative for Yorkshire

Households from Leeds and across Yorkshire can now buy their gas and electricity from White Rose Energy, a new supplier designed to provide fairer, more transparent gas and electricity prices. White Rose Energy was launched by Leeds City Council in partnership with Robin Hood Energy, a not for profit company run by Nottingham City Council. White Rose Energy is available to all gas and electricity consumers, regardless of whether they own or rent their own homes. Find out more.


Stay Safe: Stay Secure

Leeds is a large vibrant city, and the vast majority of students do not come in to contact with crime during their time here,  you may hear about crime issues during your time here. By taking simple precautions  you can protect you and your property.

Keep your property safe- 50% of student Burglaries are through windows & doors being left open or unlocked. Keep you doors and windows locked even when you are home.

Keep yourself safe- keep to well lit areas when making your away around after dark.

Drink safely and responsibly- If you are have any concerns as a result of alcohol or drug use speak out. Whether that is a friend, personal tutor, the University’s Counselling Service, your GP or Forward Leeds, help is available with any difficulties you may be experiencing.  See the Leeds Student Medical Practice webpages for practical advice on knowing your limits.

Cycle crime- None of the 110 bikes stolen on campus last year used a D-lock. Only leave your bicycle in well lit and trafficed areas and use a D-lock. Use a helmet and lights, particularly when travelling at night.

Hate crime- report any crime you believe is motivated by prejudice to Stop Hate UK and University Security. 

For further information or if you have any concerns contact the University’s Police Officer or see West Yorkshire Police’s webpages.


Are You at Risk from Flooding?

1 in 6 properties is at risk from flooding.  Find out if you are at risk from flooding here.


Energy Performance

Make sure you get a copy of your gas safety and energy performance certificates from your landlord. Legally you should be provide with a copy of these. You can also Get an Energy Performance Certificate for your property here.


Local Democracy

As a student you are eligible to vote in local elections in both your home constituency and here in Leeds. Leeds City Council elected members you elect to represent you have a real impact on the services you receive as a student, including policing, landlord accreditation, health services, and recycling and waste. Register to vote to make sure you get the best deal for you here.