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Survey Instructions

  1. Choose a location on campus where you can spend time spotting birds. This could be out of your office window, on your walk through campus, or in your local campus patch.
  2. You will spot more birds if you:
    1. choose a quiet location;
    2. stay quiet and still;
    3. minimise your conspicuousness to birds; try to do your survey in early morning or early evening.
  3. As a guideline we suggest 15 minutes, but don’t worry if you can only spend 5 minutes – all records are helpful!
  4. Please record the maximum number of individuals of each species that you see at any one time. For example, if you see two blue tits at the same time, record this as two. If you then see four blue tits together record this as four, not six. If later you see three blue tits, stay at four, do not go up to seven.
  5. Do not record birds if they are flying and do not land.
  6. If you are unsure about your identification please enter your record in the ‘Unsure’ category with a brief description of the birds’ appearance.


Survey Findings (Please give total number seen)