Citizenship Training is a workshop for students to understand their role and responsibilities in society and how to positively contribute to their community. This training workshop forms part of the University’s Students and their Community complaint process.



  • Please note that you are only required to book onto this workshop if you are a University of Leeds student who has received a letter of invitation from the Sustainability Service to attend student citizenship training.
  • Please only register and attend ONE workshop. If you need to change your registration date, request a refund through Eventbrite and re-register with a different workshop.
  • Please book onto a workshop which takes place on or before the specified date detailed in you letter or in separate correspondence with the Student Citizenship Team (when Christmas/Easter term time has been taken into account).
  • Ensure to arrive on time, otherwise you will be refused entry and must re-register on a separate workshop within your time period.


Upcoming Workshop Sessions

Places will be available to book 8 weeks prior to each session

Semester 2:

  • Monday 27th January @1-3.30pm. Book here
  • Tuesday 4th February @ 1-3.30pm. Book here
  • Friday 14th February @ 9.30am-12pm. Book here
  • Monday 17th February @ 1-3.30pm. Book here
  • Tuesday 25th February @ 9.30am-12pm. Book here


  • Monday 2nd March @ 1-3.30pm. Book here
  • Wednesday 11th March @ 6-8.30pm. Book here
  • Tuesday 17th March @ 1-3.30pm. Book here


Semester 3:

  • Monday 27th April @ 3-4pm. Book here
  • Tuesday 5th May @ 1-2pm. Book here
  • Tuesday 12th May @ 12.30-1.30pm. Book here
  • Monday 8th June @ 2-3pm. Book here
  • Tuesday 16th June @ 1-2pm. Book here
  • Friday 26th June @ 2.30-3.30pm. Book here
  • Tuesday 30th June @ 2.30-3.30pm. Book here


What to bring

  • Your student ID card (if you have misplaced this, another form of identification will be required such as your passport or driving licence)
  • Pen and notepad or a laptop
  • Water

If you experience any issues during this process, please contact the University at