Climate plan: update

13 May 2021

The University is unequivocally committed to the seven Climate Principles, and their implementation.

We are still working on the Climate Plan to ensure that it is as effective and robust as we can get it.

Sustainability is a key part of our strategy for the period to 2030, and we need to be sure that the Climate Plan can deliver our ambitious goals in that area.

As part of implementing the University’s 2030 strategy, Universal Values, Global Change, we are still evaluating and finalising the steps that we need to take to implement the Climate Principles, and particularly the investment necessary to meet our net-zero target.

While there have been some claims to the contrary, decisions on investment were never scheduled for the meeting of the University Council on 27 May – the investment planning process runs into the autumn. The key point is that appropriate resources need to be made available to support achievement of our shared climate goals.