The Project

This webpage documents the creation of the murals developed as part of the 2019 Colour Hyde Park project through collaboration with the people, businesses, universities and schools of Hyde Park. We invite you to use this as a guide to understand more about the murals and to encourage you to take a tour of Hyde Park, the latest destination for community art!

In January 2019 the University of Leeds teamed together with a local artist and the Hyde Park neighbourhood to deliver a community mural project. Murals and street art are a wonderful way to preserve our city’s cultural identity and inspire communities to feel pride and ownership for the place they live. We developed this project with local people; providing workshops and activities prior to the murals being painted to ensure the community was involved from the start and that the designs truly resonate with the residents of Hyde Park.

Our project team feels passionately about Hyde Park and creating art that is accessible and representative of the neighbourhood that it visually represents. In June 2019 we came together to through workshops, events and painting, to create our murals. The artists for this project were chosen by our community panel, each artist with their own connection to Hyde Park. The designs created reflect the spirit of Hyde Park through recreating local landmarks and architecture alongside shapes and images that symbolise the area and the people that live in it.

This project would not have been possible without the positivity and support throughout from local residents, the Hyde Park Neighbourhood Forum, Brudenell Primary School, local councillors and local businesses. 

The Murals

In February we ran an open design competition for four of the murals. We requested the designs reflect the natural beauty of the area and celebrate the diversity of the community. Our community panel, built from members representing the full community, helped us choose our four winners; Charlotte, Niall, Joy and Maya. The final two artists, Emma and Fem, are developing their designs through workshops with Brudenell Primary School. 


Two of our artists, Emma and Fem, developed their mural designs through workshops at Brudenell Primary School to collect stories and experiences of the area from the children. They used the workshops as a way to understand and visualise Hyde Park as the children see it.

The children provided artwork inspired by the places they visit, such as the Makkah Mosque and Abu Bakr supermarket. Another popular shape was ice cream, often eaten by the kids out on Woodhouse Moor. The shapes and styles created by the children will be incorporated into Emma and Fem’s murals.

Mural Map
To create a lasting legacy for the community, artists and everyone involved, we have created a Mural Map. This will feature all six murals, alongside biographies from our incredible artists. 

Please click here to view a PDF of the map.


We would like to thank all those involved on this project, especially the Hyde Park Neighbourhood Forum and the local businesses.

Special thanks to:

  • Councillor Al Garthwaite for all of her enthusiasm and support throughout this project.
  • the community judging panel who worked together to select the competition winners;
  • Brudenell Primary School teachers and children who assisted and attended the workshops;
  • the landlords who kindly donated their walls for the artists to paint;
  • the student volunteers who assisted with consulting the residents;
  • and finally, all the artists who have done an incredible job of creating bespoke pieces for the area.

This project was funded by the University of Leeds, Leeds Inspired, the Inner North West Community Committee and supported by Leeds Beckett University.

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