This volunteering opportunity involves performing afternoon walk-arounds of different campus buildings to audit where lights and temperature regulating measurers are being left on, particularly focussing on empty teaching and communal spaces.  This will give us a better understanding of which buildings to focus our resources on, helping to meet our aims to reduce carbon emissions by 35% by 2020 through behaviour change and retrofitting, to ultimately becoming a more sustainable university!

When you Should Collect the Data

Your data collection should take place after 6pm, any day between 27th November – 1st December (this is because the majority of rooms and communal areas should be empty at this time).

Buildings To Audit

You can choose from our list which building to audit.  You are free to choose whichever or however many building you audit. A selection could include; EC Stoner, Michael Sadler, Parkinson Building, Maurice Keyworth (LUBS), Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Fine Art building, Baines Wing, Roger Stevens, Brotherton Library, Houldsworth Engineering Building, Clothworkers Central, Geography: Garstang Building, Earth and Environment: Maths/Earth and Environment Building. Locations of these building can be found on the download campus map here:

Data Collection and Submission

The form below details the data we are collecting for each building. Simply input your data into our form as you conduct your audit and submit once completed. An excel version of the form is also available to download.  Submit any forms to

Tweet us your pictures during your audits using #SusItOut!