We are part of a large University that inescapably has a considerable energy footprint – last year the University consumed 166,000,000 kWh energy, and with expansion this is expected to increase.


Our Strategy commits us to make the most of resources and reduce our energy consumption. We do this by:

– Working closely with the Energy Team to support energy reduction projects across campus.

– Encouraging departments to switch off equipment during periods when the University is closed.

– Raising awareness of our energy consumption and encouraging behavioural change.

– Identifying ‘hotspots’ of energy use across campus and finding ways to improve their efficiency.

– Supporting renewable energy projects across campus, for example Anaerobic Digestion.


Other energy-related projects include:


Energy Spotlight

See how much energy your department is using through Energy Spotlight, the University’s online energy software for staff and students.

Carbon Management Plan

See here for the University Carbon Management Plan:

CMP Full Document-June2011

And here for the latest update:

CMP External Update 2013_14


Climate Hubs

If you would like to get involved in reducing energy consumption at the University then take a look at our Climate Hubs.


If you would like to learn more about the work we do to reduce emissions please visit our emissions page.

Sustainable Labs

If you are a lab user then please take a look at our Sustainable Labs work