Eric’s Work Experience


Jambo everyone!!*

I’m Eric and I am currently doing my A-levels at Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College as an international student from Tanzania. During my summer holiday I was so lucky to be offered two weeks of work experience at the University of Leeds. I’ve been working with the Sustainability Team along with the Sport & Physical Activity Team for the short period of time however, it felt like I’ve been working with them for more than two weeks. Mainly because they are all really good people and supported me throughout my entire time here.

During my work experience I did a lot of things and also I met a lot of people working on different fields. I had a chance to attend so many meetings to have a feel of how people interact with each other. Through this I’ve been able to gain a lot of things from them.

I’ll start by highlighting the things I was able to do during my time here. On the first day, I attended a meeting with the Sustainability Team – they all explained what they do in terms of their roles. The meeting was mainly about what they were planning to do for the University in a sustainable way. There are so many activities going on. Check out their website to see how the Sustainability Team are working to ensure sustainability is an integral part of University of Leeds operations.

During my work experience, there was a day which I spent on the Bike Hub at the University of Leeds. I was taught how to fix brakes and also how to replace punctured tyres. Did you know that if you are a member of staff or a student at the University of Leeds you can easily hire bikes? See the Bike Hub website to see how.

On the next day I had the opportunity to go to a meeting at the Weetwood Sports Park. We visited the site where a new cycle track and pavilion is being built to provide state of the art cycle facilities which will be used by both elite athletes, such as the Brownlee brothers, students and the public – see this link for more information. The track is expected to open in January 2017.  Great news for cycle enthusiasts and triathlon lovers!

I also had the chance to spend some time with the Sports and Physical Activity Department – I learnt all about the management and operations of the department – I had amazing exposure to how The Edge Sports Centre is run and functions, and all the services they provide, from elite sports coaching to children’s swimming lessons, physiotherapy to swimming pool water treatment – it’s a complicated business! The facilities at the University of Leeds are world class – you should go and check them out yourself!

All in all, I would like to thank everyone across the Sports and Physical Activity department from the top to bottom. They have all been so generous and kind to me throughout my two weeks here.

Overall this experience has helped me a lot, from boosting my confidence to improving my communication skills. I will definitely miss each and every one of you who have supported me and I wish everyone all the best.

Sincere thanks to all members of staff who I had the chance to work with throughout my time here but especially the Head of Sustainability, Dr Louise Ellis and Stewart Ross, the Director of Commercial and Support Services who made this happen.

*Ps: Jambo is greetings in Swahili language.