University of Leeds Priestley Laboratory
Priestley Lab after installation of new energy efficient fume cupboards (2014)

At the University of Leeds we are committed to embedding sustainability across the whole institution, integrating it with our approach to student education, research, and operational services. We recognise the value of laboratory spaces as being cradles of innovation, with Leeds offering world class facilities for research to thrive. However, labs are often attributed to high energy and water consumptions as well as hazardous and non-hazardous waste generation compared to other sites across the University.

We are working with operational and academic partners to improve sustainability practises across all laboratories, in turn creating safer working environments, increased operational efficiency, and research opportunities. Spread across campus and St James University Hospital, there are over 540 teaching and research laboratories at the University of Leeds. Collectively across labs there are opportunities to have an overarching positive impact on the environment, economy and society.


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