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Thanks to its world-famous Stadium, Headingley is probably better known than Leeds itself!

Lotti, Community Officer at LUU, said:

I loved how close everything is! And feeling like you were surrounded by your friends, and all the places to meet felt really close to everyone. Really make the most of being part of the community, and don’t see yourself as just someone ‘passing through

Community Organisations:

As part of Headingley Development Trust (HDT), Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre (HEART) is run by the community offering volunteer opportunities, an on-site café, a shared workspace and a varied programme of classes and events - look out for their 10th anniversary celebrations coming up this year!

Mike, Centre Manager at HEART said:

Headingley is a great place to live. Not least because it genuinely has a community and HEART does play its part at being at the centre of that. People in this area don't just care about ‘our community’ but about wider issues such as the environment. If students want to be a part of this community they will get a warm and encouraging welcome but just to be mindful that there is a community of professionals, families and older people for whom this is 'home' too.

Rachel Allen at HEART said her favourite thing about Headingley is;

The vibrancy, it’s a real mix of people and, because of that, there’s so much going and lots of independent shops and organisations offering some great services.” Her advice to students is “don’t be limited by what you think you know about Headingley.

trees with lights behind them on a building

Headingley Farmer’s Market, also part of HDT, sets up every second Saturday of the month with stalls of local produce, food and seasonal plants and flowers.

Helen Seymour, of HDT, said her favourite thing about Headingley is

It has a strong community spirit. There are lots of different types of buildings, people of lots of different ages, and the area is very green, with lots of trees and green spaces not too far away.

Her advice for local residential living is

Get to know the area, support the local independent shops and be sensitive to the permanent community who live here all the time. Most students are great but a few tend to give them all a bad name! Look after the neighbourhood and respect the permanent residents


Getting outdoors is key to a healthy lifestyle so make sure you know all the best places to explore and hang-out in the area. Always remember to respect outdoor areas and other visitors.

Local must-sees

  • Eat: Kuala Lumpa Cafe: Malaysian cuisine designed to cater everyone including veggies and vegans!
  • Drink: Growler’s Social - craft beers, cocktails, mouth-watering burgers and milkhakes all under one roof
  • Relax: Cottage Road Cinema: As the oldest cinema in Leeds, Cottage Road Cinema is perfect for a trip out for a movie with its competitive prices and traditional feel. They even put on special classic performances, so keep an eye on their film programme for your favourites!
  • Shop: The Green Yard: browse a great selection of both indoor and outdoor greenery!
  • Something different: Workshop: a sewing café that hosts craft workshops whilst also supplying coffee and cake!

Remember, a majority of these organisations and businesses are, unfortunately, still closed due to coronavirus restrictions.

Visit HeadingleyLeeds for everything you need to know about the area.

For more advice on living independently, see our Your Time In Leeds web guides which cover waste and recycling services, safety, respecting your neighbours, avoiding noise complaints and information about community conduct sanctions.

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