Leeds Living Labs One Year On


The first ever annual report is here for Leeds Living Labs.  Get involved!

What is Leeds Living Labs?

Since launching in May 2017 Leeds Living Lab has grown from concept to reality.  It currently has 9 significant collaborative research projects including the Air Quality Living Lab and Living Waste Living Lab.

The projects begin at the university campus, giving support and capacity where the university can provide.  Once the project has grown big enough to sustain itself it leaves the Living Labs to grow and develop on its own.

Think of a project like a goldfish: it’s nourished and fed, until eventually, it moves to a bigger bowl to grow.

Working Together

Living Labs is about collaboration. Bringing together those who wouldn’t normally consider collaboration or those that have considered it but were unsure where they can obtain that support.

It brings together students, academics and professional staff to co-produce innovative and transformative solutions to real-world sustainability challenges using the Leeds campus as testbed.

Branching different disciplines of knowledge is a real benefit of Living Labs.  Because of these different levels of knowledge from different background together it helps maintain sustainable improvements.

Why are we sharing this?

We want to spread the message far and wide: Leeds has a Living Labs and it’s setting an example!

There’s an opportunity here to get involved and share the mutual benefits with us.  Whether internal or external to the University of Leeds we want to welcome everyone to take part and get involved with current and future projects either as leaders or participants!

What if I’m not with the University of Leeds?

We still want to share our learning with you.  Tell us what you’re doing and come to us with questions. We’re always innovating, pioneering and looking to build our network.