Did you know that 8 out of 10 green bins in Hyde park are contaminated?

Waste and recycling services in Leeds are likely to be different to what you are used to. These easy to follow guidelines will help you keep Leeds clean and environmentally friendly. For waste arrangements on campus and in University accommodation see our Reuse, Recycling and Waste Guide.

What Goes Where

When is your bin day?
Your black bin collection is weekly and green recycling bin collections could be monthly or fortnightly. You can check your bin days here.Want to always remember your bin day & know what to recycle? Download the new Leeds Bins App. Search for ‘Leeds Bins’ and download the App now!


Pavements are for People
Wheelie bins must not be left on streets between collections – not only does it look unpleasant, they cause an obstruction for people who need to get past on the pavement; bins cause an obstruction especially for guide dog and wheelchair users and people with push chairs.


All drinks cans, plastic bottles and food cans should be washed out before placing in green bins/bags to avoid contamination. Squashing them will give you extra space in your bin. It is important that your recycling is kept dry and your recycling bin lid is kept closed. Ensure no wet paper or cardboard goes in your recycling bin and that all your cans and bottles are emptied first. If your recycling gets wet, the paper and cardboard will become soggy and cannot be recycled. For more information visit Leeds City Council’s A to Z of reusing, recycling and waste disposal guide.
recycling graphic


Recycling Opt-in Areas
In some areas of Leeds, including areas of Headingley, there have been long running problems with green bins being used for general waste. This includes the Ash Road  upper Cardigan Road areas of Headingley (see this map for details of the areas this applies to).  Households in this area must opt-in to receive a recycling collection. You can opt-in by emailing refusecollection@leeds.gov.uk to order a green bin. The council is prioritising green bin deliveries to this area, so they should be delivered within two weeks. If you need to get recycling out (or if you ever have additional recycling waste), you can present your recycling in thin, transparent bags (such as kitchen bin liners or carrier bags). As long as bin crews can identify that the waste is uncontaminated recycling, it will be collected. Opting in to the scheme means that you agree to:

  • Sort, store and present your household’s recycling correctly
  • Keep your bin within the boundaries of your property until collection day – not in the street
  • Put out your bin on the kerbside before 7am on your collection day
  • Keep recyclables dry
  • Return your bin to your property as soon as possible after it has been emptied

For more information about the scheme, visit Leeds City Council’s webpages.


Glass Recycling
Please deposit all your glass bottles and jars (including metal screw lids) in bottle banks:

  • Hyde Park Corner, in the carpark by the skatepark
  • Outside Headingley Taps, on North Lane
  • Behind Co-op / next to Burley Park railway station on Cardigan Lane
  • At Sparrow Park on the corner of Chapel Lane and Cardigan Road
  • Woodhouse Street at the rear of TJ’s Bar and Grill
  • Hyde Park Road by Leeds Grand Mosque


Before You Go
The Changeover period has a huge environmental and social impact on the community. 300 extra tons of waste is generated each June when students move from their shared houses, most of which could be reused, donated or sold.
Charity Shops-There are a number of charity shops in central Leeds and Headingley that would really appreciate your unwanted items. Some charities, such as Emmaus and Slate, will collect bulky items from you free of charge. For more information on Leeds reuse services see the Pass it on Leaflet.
Community Clothes ExchangeSwap you unwanted clothes for a whole new wardrobe! Leeds Community Clothes Exchange is a community project encouraging the recycling and exchange of clothes and accessories in order to develop community spirit, reduce consumption and raise awareness of unethical consumer habits. They meet monthly at the Woodhouse Community Centre.
Got a bike you no longer want? –Donate your unwanted bike to the STAR Bike Project who will recycle them with and for asylum seekers and refugees. Bring your bike to the Bike Hub on campus.
Not sure what to do with your old computer? FixIT re-uses, recycles and refurbishes donated computers and gives them to community View Pageprojects or sells them cheaply in their shop in Armley. You can
take your unwanted equipment directly to their shop.
Collection Points-There are several collection points in halls of residence and in the local community for you to drop-off your unwanted items. See the Leave Leeds Tidy and Woodhouse Waste Week webpages for more information.

Freecycle-This is a great website for finding a loving new home for all of your unwanted stuff.Gumtree & Ebay-These are both really easy to use and a great way to match up unique items to unique buyers. Keep an eye out for free listing days on eBay.

Yard Sale-Hold a Yard Sale and invite your neighbours to take part.

Fat BrainAs a student your are likely to end up with loads of books that you no longer need, that other students will. There’s a real market for second hand books.

CEX & Music Magpie-You may be surprised at the price you get for your old ipod or phone. You can also sell on your old DVDs and CDs.

For more tips and information to make the most of your time living in Leeds see the Your  Guide to Living in Leeds  or get in touch Sustainability@leeds.ac.uk