Each year MSc Organizational Psychology students taking the Commercial and Professional Skills module at Leeds University Business School work with Sustainability Services to analyse complex organizational problems and develop viable solutions.

Posing as consultants, student groups were tasked to review student and staff awareness of sustainability initiatives across the University and to develop recommendations that could increase awareness of both the #2023PlasticFree campaign and the Blueprint programme.

After initial meetings with members of the Sustainability team, the students collected data using questionnaires, interviews, observation and secondary research techniques to gain a better understanding of people’s sustainability knowledge and activities that are already taking place. They also reviewed specific areas of engagement by the University, using their results to highlight gaps for improvement and make recommendations.

Student recommendations for improvement ranged from engaging with students through face-to-face activities and events to posting more diverse and regular content.

This example demonstrates just one of the ways that we are collaborating across the University to embed sustainability into student learning as part of the Leeds Sustainable Curriculum programme.

The module is also an excellent example of a Living Lab project. It brings together students, academic and operational staff to research and test sustainable solutions, enhance our curriculum and tackle global challenges at a local scale, using the University as a test bed. Find out more at sustainability.leeds.ac.uk/the-living-lab.

To find out more about ways that you can learn about sustainability whatever your degree subject visit our Learning and Teaching pages.


Student Consultancy