LUU’s Blue Planet Exhibition

Last week, Leeds University Union’s (LUU) Leeds Community Project (LCP) hosted an interactive Blue Planet exhibition in Union Square. The team hoped to raise awareness of the devastation plastic causes in our oceans and environment and educate people on good plastic practice. Blue Planet 2 sparked a massive change in the public opinions of plastic; the team built on this and themed the event strongly around the show.

Tom Oladipo, LUU’s Community Officer, features plastic use (or misuse) heavily in his manifesto and LCP wanted to bring this to life in a creative and engaging way. The exhibition was built up by a variety of projects; a Blue Planet screening, a ‘fishing’ for plastic activity, LCP’s Plastic Sculpture competition and a table full of plastics factsheets! These events taught and tested attendees of the dos and don’ts of plastic recycling and how to cut their own plastic footprint.

In line with the collaborative #2023PlasticFree Pledge, LCP encouraged people to make their own plastics pledge, which formed a post-it exhibition in itself.

Environmental charity, Hubbub, from the #LeedsByExample campaign joined the event and brought along “Gorden Binnet”, their “Bubble Bin”. This bin is designed to encourage the public to recycle wrappers, bottles and cans on the go.

Recycling schemes vary between different businesses and councils so it can be hard to keep track of what can and can’t be recycled. If you want to learn more about what can be recycled in Leeds, head to the Leeds City Council Website or download the Leeds Bins App.

LUU’s plan is to take the exhibition into halls and community centres where LCP can continue spreading messages around plastic recycling.