Moving Out Checklist

End of year can be a hectic time for students. As soon as you have completed your last exam you are only a matter of weeks away to when you need to have packed up your things and move on to a new tenancy. Before you thoughts turn to taking time off, having a holiday and seeing family, take a little time to prepare for your move and save yourself some money and hassle in the process! Here are our top tips to help with taking the stress out moving house.

1. Recycle your empties

Been hoarding glass in your garden with the intention of recycling it?   Put those good intentions in to practice and take your glass to your nearest bottle bank. (No you can’t put them in your green bin!) Download the Leeds Bins app to find your nearest.

2.  Leave only empty cupboards behind

Check if you need to buy any more food.  Use up what you have stored away in the cupboards and freezer before buying any more. If you have any food leftover at the end of year, call around to your neighbours and see if they would like it or drop off any none perishable food at one of the city’s collection points. See the Council’s Moving Out? webpage for details of where you can find your nearest.

3. Who does all this stuff belong to?

Starting to regret not having done any cleaning this year? To have any chance of getting your deposit back it’s time for everyone to muck in and get things sorted.  Work out a plan with your housemates how you will  divide up the tasks, sort out who owns what and clean communal areas.  That includes your garden and outside spaces!  Its a good idea to agree a day that you can all get together and clean up before everyone starts disappearing.

4. Make some extra cash for the summer

Sell your unwanted textbooks, clothes, electricals and media and get some extra cash for the summer. See our Living in Leeds Guide for more information.

5. Don’t Throw It Give It and Leave Leeds Tidy 

Consider donating your unwanted stuff instead of throwing it away. Each year an extra 360 tonnes of waste is thrown away when student move out of their accommodation. Drop off any unwanted  at one of the end of year collections running in residencies, the local community and campus.  You can drop of any furniture, clothes, kitchen goods, electricals, non perishable food and anything else that you no longer need! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates on collections near you (#ASmoothMove) or visit the Council’s Moving Out? webpage.

6. Take meter readings

A few weeks before you move out, contact the utility companies and let them know that you will be closing the account soon. On you final day take your meter readings, inform the companies to close your account and give them a forwarding address to send the bill. Do keep a record of the meter readings. Once paid make sure you send proof to the landlord/agent. 

7. Protect your ID

Shred any documentation with your personal details on it. Identity thieves are known to go looking through bins as well as looking for any opportunistic open doors and windows to help themselves to your laptop.  It’s also not a good idea to store all of your possessions in a car overnight as it will get broken in to!

8. Get out and see Leeds 

It’s not too late take advantage of your free time in Leeds to go to one of city’s many great summer festivals and attractions. Looking for ideas on what you can do? Check out the following link which lists what’s going on!

9. Rate your landlord

Tell other students of your renting experiences this year through Rate Your Landlord.  This is your chance to have a say about your landlord and pass on those views to benefit future tenants! If you’ve had a great experience let other students know.  If the year has been poor, then this is your chance to tell other students that another choice would be a good idea!