Living Lab projects should meet some core principals in terms of their aim, focus and outcomes.

Projects within the Living Lab Programme should meet the following principles:

  • Be delivered in alignment with the key aims and themes of the University’s Strategic Plan and underpin delivery of the Sustainability Strategy.
  • Formally support the University’s Global Challenges; be about people, processes and infrastructure, drawing on the cultural and social sciences as well as the STEM
  • Integrate sustainability-related research, student education and University operations to drive continual and sustainable improvement.
  • Identify, test and embed transformational solutions to ‘real world’ sustainability challenges whilst being scalable, replicable and transferable to our cities and regions.
  • Drive experimental learning, enhanced participation and opportunities for outreach and engagement through co-creation and co-implemented campus-based solutions.
  • Be interdisciplinary and delivered in partnership with internal and external stakeholders for mutual benefit, to increase impact and to enhance shared knowledge and action.

Build knowledge and capacity by playing a leading role in the global debate and development of sustainable living labs.